Jesus is the way,truth and life.No one can go to father unless you pass trough him.therefore this means that JESUS is the link of your problems to the predestine future of your life.He the source of power  to undo all misery in your life.

But again ask yourself.How can i attain this fact…..?

This is achieved through faith in Christ Jesus.The bible says in the book of John 1:12 that,whoever believeth in HIS NAME and receiveth HIM,he gave them the power to become the child of GOD.Moreover this childhood status gives the believers direct access to GOD through prayers.So long as your connected to God via vertical communication there nothing you can’t access.Trust HIM and you shall conquer in every ways of your life.Remember the bible says you can’t please GOD without faith in HIM(HIS SON JESUS CHRIST);Hebrews 11:6.

Why do think many people are in trouble yet there serving GOD day and night………..?

I believeth its happening so that the power of GOD shall be made manifest through testimonies because the bibles states that “EVERYTHING WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVETH OUR LORD CHRIST AND ACCORDING TO THEIR CALL PURPOSES”.This implies that whatever fire you encounter in life is for your own benefit.














The bible says that ……the way a man thinketh so is he…….Whatever you conceived in your mind is an exact manifestation of the kind of life that you liveth.

What does this imply…………?

This means that the decision you make by the power of mind determined your destiny.Therefore our destiny begins from our minds.If you what to live successful life then be ready to win the great battle at battlefield which is your mind.Many times people exert blem on other people.That’s their failure to attain some things in live: importance in the job field, unceasing predicaments and so forth.

However, this is not true because life is about self-motivation, it’s about how you treat your personal conscience which boils down to the work of the Holy Spirit.The bible says that HOLY SPIRIT came in order to convict us of our sins.Therefore in His presence, you will discover that you are in the right destiny.

Therefore possession of the HOLY SPIRIT is a very crucial thing in life because He plays the following roles:




Hence you should allow Holy Spirit to guide you in order to live a predestined lifestyle, the life which is discerned by God for your betterment of this world.



Why Tomorrow if you can do it today……?

Many people lives are full of tomorrow events.But wait a minute and ask yourself,”WHY TOMORROW IF YOU CAN DO IT TODAY…?”.That questions linger in my mind whenever i want to do something meaningful in my life.I mean i don’t have to wait for tomorrow ,i don’t need to post pond it if i can achieve it today.Remember that the Bible says that you should not think about tomorrow because it has what is sufficient for its activities, hey….don’t confuse it with laziness that is the failure to plan.Because the Bible says in the book of Habakkuk the prophet that you should make clear your plan for God to bless it.

Therefore conversely you should have an attitude of “I CAN DO IT TODAY “.What you need for execution of your responsibilities is at your disposal.When God sent Moses back to Egypt to release the children of Israel from bondage, HE didn’t give Moses new ideas a bout on how to execute his call but HE opened the eyes of Moses to realise that whatever he needed was within him.

Furthermore, when Moses reached the bank of red sea He asked Moses to use the familiar staff which was in his hand in order to divide the mighty water mass into two portions.And when Moses followed an instruction he encounters the breakthrough in the mid of a spiritual dilemma.This is a vivid omen that we need an instructor in our live in order to create tomorrow today.

Most of the times i have realised that this kind of scenario is brought in by the so called failure fever which is dangerous cancer in the ecosystem today as far as human advancement is concerned.And the only cure to this cancer is listening to the HOLY SPIRIT who is the greatest teacher so far that God gave us.Failure to abide by this you are destined to destruction and procrastination of events and great projects which could have rescued the world from its current catastrophes.


Life Matters

Life is all about you not others perceptions concerning your life.Whatever you do will determine you future and your portion in this generation and the generation to come.Therefore do it with all your heart and things will begin to turn around automatically.

Spare your time to discuss with other people about their problems so that you may help them to solve these problems.You need to life for the betterment of other people live in order for yours to improve.Selfish lifestyle takes us nowhere but only compromises our status in this world.

If you can’t share with your friends’ little things that God has blessed you with its means that you have no place in the blessings of God.Because God looks at us with the lenses of replication of his blessing to the entire world.In another word we are the steward of God’s blessing, Its doesn’t belong to us, it’s not ours, it’s meant for the entire inhabitant of the world.And am assuring you that if you never behave like this don’t waste your to be blessed by God.


Change your attitude and you will attract God blessings in your life…………..You don’t need to struggle in order to attract God blessing but just a change of mindset concerning yourself relationship with others in the society…………What do you think……?

Having hope In Christ Jesus

Jesus Christ brought us hope of eternity so that we may realize that our heavenly Father God really loves us.Even though after we have gone astray by committing sins in the garden of Eden.We went against Him by disputing His commandment but after all these dramas He still proved to be good for us hence sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for the sake of our sins so that we may receive redemption from the corruption of this word.This is clearly stated in the book of John 3:16……this might appear an obvious Scripture but true it sends spiritual shock waves in the spiritual rhyme.

“………….For God so loved the world that He gave His only precious Son that however believes in Him should not perish but have an everlasting life……….”

Brethren let me tell you that life is all about giving, it’s not vice-versa.God our Father demonstrated this himself by delivering His son to the manipulation of the sinful world so that from that ransom we may receive life. And in this life, there is truth, way to eternity………………………..John 14:6.

The Bible talks about Jesus Christ is the truth, the way, and the life.That no one can go to even unless you pass through Christ Jesus………This means that in Christ there is redemption from the world of darkness hence being ushered into the lifestyle of His marvelous light……….And from Christ we able to delete the corruption of lie that in the world by emulating Christ Jesus who lives the life of truth…..hence by living the life of Christ we become christian :Christ-like.

Brethren you this lifestyle of giving has made us receive many undeserved favors that GRACE.This is more than expected favor that has given us much freedom in life.God knew that we could not pay for our sins.Even human sacrifice could not ransom us from our mishaps but the sacrifice of the first born of God that is Jesus Christ.From Grace in Christ Jesus, we are able to access heaven without doubt and do many things without fear…the bible says that we are given the  power of Love and not of fear, that love is found in Christ Jesus…..perfect love cast out fear……..remember that if you have perfect love in Christ Jesus, automatically the fear is cast out.

The Bible says that”…… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me………”Therefore in Christ Jesus, there is nothing that can defeat you…….because every time you feel like am finished…..there is a spirit word that says …….at Calvary all is finished………If finished all our problems and stumbling blocks and place them on the cross to nail them.Therefore what we need to do is to accept His unconditional love and embrace it in our lives and i assure that every thing will be okay.We don’t need to undo what He did for us on the cross by walking in an ungodly manner.

Jesus encouraged us in the book of John 16:33…..”…..Although in this present world there is tribulation and challenges be of good cheer for I have overcome the world……”

Remember what God says in Jeremiah 11:29……”I have a good plan for your life to give future and hope….. ”

God has an unending hope for us…………is it so……?????



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